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Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition 1

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Mikasa takes charge, leading an attempt to get to the military headquarters in Trost, which Bertolt takes part in. Connie Springer, Mikasa, and Armin arrive shortly afterward, with an abnormal Titan in tow that promptly begins killing the Titans swarming the outside of the building. Despite his calmness and utter fearlessness in the face of death and destruction, Bertolt was absolutely terrified of the thought of dying himself. As Armin's Pure Titan approached him, Bertolt frantically begged his former friends to save him then cried and screamed for Reiner and Annie before being brutally devoured. Hajime Isayama has said that he came up with Bertolt's design by asking himself "what kind of character would I get if the somehow weakly and docile Colossus Titan was turned into a person?" [123]

He showed great devotion to both of his fellow warriors, Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart, and was easily driven to action or anger when he felt either was threatened. [10] Initially, he showed himself to be wary of others and acted as a voice of reason to Reiner, repeatedly cautioning him about lowering his guard down. His interactions with Ymir also reveal that while his actions have caused considerable suffering, he was not a cruel person and was capable of showing genuine kindness towards others. [11] Though Ymir agrees to work with them when offered, Bertolt remains unconvinced and warns Reiner that she cannot be trusted. He brings up the death of their friend, who was devoured by Ymir, though Reiner reassures him that she can be trusted since her only consideration is Krista's safety. Bertolt worries he may be slipping into his delusions again, but is reminded that Krista has value to them since she is a member of the Reiss family and may be able to provide them with important clues. They discuss their mission to find the " Coordinate," and Bertolt expresses his eagerness to go home and never return to the Walls. [54] Reiner responds by teasing him, demanding that he confess his feelings to Annie once they make it home. Bertolt attempts to protest, but Reiner claims his tendency to stare at her gave him away. When Leonhart and Karina Braun attend Willy Tybur's festival in Liberio, Leonhart mentions hearing that Bertolt's father had died. Karina confirms this, musing that Hoover had always been proud of his son for becoming a Warrior. [88] War for Paradis arc The 104th Training Corps made a game of using Bertolt's odd sleeping positions to predict the weather. [124] [125]Later, after seeing what appears to be Titan vapor from inside the city, he and the soldiers that witnessed Eren's emergence from the Titan's nape scale the Wall to see what is happening. Over the Wall, they see Eren protecting Mikasa and Armin from cannon fire, with a shield made from the torso of his Titan form.

Reiner Braun - Reiner was his childhood friend, and partner in their mission in the Walls. The two were rarely apart, and Bertolt almost always followed along with whatever Reiner decided. However, he was shown to be greatly bothered by Reiner's growing attachment to the others and mental problems. [103] Even so, he rarely spoke up or took any action to oppose Reiner. As he was being eaten by Armin in his Pure Titan form, he screamed out for Reiner and Annie to help him. [104] As Bertolt and Reiner jog along Wall Maria, Reiner notes that the two of them will be in separate positions, and that Bertolt will have to think and act for himself, rather than wait for Reiner's signal. Reiner admits that he never thought of Bertolt as particularly reliable before, as he tends to leave things to others when it matters in spite of his immense ability, but not anymore. Bertolt affirms his desire to end things, and Reiner tells him to keep up that attitude until he can be reunited with Annie. The two part ways. Steam Generation / Heat Channeling: Since Bertolt's Titan form was far too slow to catch more agile opponents with the vertical maneuvering equipment, he possessed a powerful defense mechanism that involved him releasing large amounts of extremely hot and pressurized steam from his body. The steam had enough force to deflect any cables shot from the vertical equipment and burn away or repel close-range fighters. It was shown that Bertolt could sustain the effort of producing large quantities of steam for a timed/limited duration, as seen in the fight on the top of Wall Rose. [98] Although all Titans possess very precise internal temperature control, Bertolt's took this to a new level. Despite the Colossus Titan's high temperature, Bertolt did not sustain heat damage inside his Titan, and aside from the aforementioned steam generation, he was capable of channeling massive amounts of heat into very fine points and weaponizing it. The super-heated air released from its head area was enough to sear the flesh from Armin Arlert's muscles within moments and fuse his vertical equipment straps to his legs. [97] During the fight between the Survey Corps and the Titans of Ymir Fritz, Armin is kidnapped by an okapi-shaped Beast Titan. As he starts suffocating in the Titan's mouth he sees an image of Bertolt standing before him, crying. Outside, Bertolt's Titan appears and attempts to devour Reiner's Armored Titan. Reiner is narrowly saved by Jean and Bertolt's Titan throws the empty Titan at the rest of the Survey Corps. [89] The okapi-shaped Titan retreats to Bertolt's Titan where Armin's allies will not be able to pursue it. [90]In the game Age of Gunslingers Online, a special Titan Mode was made as a tribute to the series. The final boss is heavily based upon the Colossus Titan and is fought atop a massive structure. A trailer of this mode can be viewed here. Bertolt came to accept his villainous self, and rationalized that none of it was his or anyone's fault, but that the world is cruel, and all of it was inevitable. When the blast of his transformation failed to kill all of the soldiers, he expressed his disappointment at his former friends' continued survival. Eren later confronts him about his role in the death of Carla Yeager, demanding to know what he thought when he learned about the suffering he would cause. He responds with a vague comment about having felt sorry for him, horrifying Eren and leading him to scream at them both. [53]

Realizing how close the troops have already gotten, he shouts at Ymir for having delayed them too much. He demands to know what they have been doing all this for, and whether she intends to abandon Krista inside the Walls to save herself. [59] His words get through to Ymir and watches the exchange between the two women intently. The pair notice a signal flare and realize the rescue team has already found them, and prepare to flee. [55] While Reiner subdues Eren, Bertolt confronts Ymir over the death of his friend. She states she has no memory of having done it, but apologizes to him and asks if he hates her. He admits that he is not certain, but he can not hold her responsible since none of them wanted to devour humans. He asks how long she wandered as a Pure Titan and implies that he and Reiner may have also spent some time trapped in their Titan forms in the past. [56] Historia Reiss What a strange feeling... I'm barely even scared. I can see... everything around me... I feel like... any outcome would be acceptable. That's right... no one's at fault here... Nothing could have made a difference. Not in a world... that is this... cruel. Bertolt underwent a serious change in character shortly before and during the Battle of Shiganshina. He became detached, indifferent and cold, allowing him to fulfill his savage duty more efficiently. Bertolt remained calm and composed, and did not feel sorry or bad when he told his former friends that he will kill them and all humans inside the Walls because he had decided to do so. He was unfazed by Armin Arlert's attempt at manipulating him by bringing up Annie, did not feel panic or dread when other Survey Corps soldiers were going to kill the helpless Reiner and he had to leave him to himself. He noted how Armin is unable to do anything to him as long as he shakes in fear of his presence. Armin Arlert - Little interaction between the two had been shown, though his relationship chart in the official guidebook shows that Bertolt considered Armin a close friend. This, of course, sours once Bertolt's true identity was revealed and he threatened to kill Armin when the latter lied and claimed that Annie was being tortured. [10] He was hostile toward Armin when they faced off in Shiganshina, once again coldly expressed his desire to kill him and all of his friends. Despite this, Bertolt showed a respect of Armin's intelligence, and attempted to put him out of his misery with a blast of steam not long after. [110] Later, when Armin received the Titan injection, Bertolt's final moments were daunting, as he was devoured by Armin in his Pure Titan form. [111] However, Bertolt and Armin would reach an understanding within the Paths as the former answered Armin's plea to lend him his strength. [112] After being defeated and dragged out of his Colossus Titan, Bertolt is approached by Zeke and his Titan mount. Anticipating capture, Eren begins to slit Bertolt's throat, but Zeke tells Bertolt that he can not save him this time. When Levi pursues Zeke, Eren urges him to give Armin the Titan injection so that Bertolt can be fed to Armin to turn him into a Titan and save him from death. However, another soldier arrives with Erwin who is unconscious but also alive. The soldiers debate who should be given the Titan serum between Erwin or Armin, as Bertolt lies unconscious and at their mercy. [85] Ymir - He was initially distrustful of her, warning Reiner that she once killed their friend and was dangerous. His fear of her continued to be a major aspect of their shaky alliance, though he seemed to have changed his opinion after she saved his life. [107] Afterward, he expressed his gratitude to her and was visibly distressed by her willingness to further risk her life by returning to their hometown.

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